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About Jerry Santos

My name is Jerry Santos and I am currently enrolled in the Northeastern Illinois University Honors Program as a Computer Science major. My focus is Technical Programming and my goal is to become a software developer for cloud computing platforms. For several semesters, my academic grade point average has not faltered below the standards of an honors student, a result of focus and dedication. My experience in the corporate sector encompasses 20 years and I have been active in the marketing industry for 18 years as a print/web designer and html developer. My proficiency encompasses a wide range of technical and office skills such as: Java; HTML; JavaScript; CSS; PHP; Flash; Customer Relationship Management; Social Media Integration; Search Engine Optimization; Logo Design and Product Writing; Microsoft Word; Powerpoint; Adobe Design Programs. I am currently focusing on .NET applications (C#, WPF, XAML, ASP, Visual Studio 2015). I have strong work ethics and am a very motivated individual. I show my commitment to a project through dedication and precision. I work equally well individually or with colleagues to achieve the common goal. Creative thinking, attention to detail, and a passion to deliver results on time would be my strengths.