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jsantos.net logo of a cloud with gear My name is Jerry Santos and I am a graduate of the Northeastern Illinois University Computer Science Honors Program. I majored in Technical Programming with a focus on Application Development. My work encompasses a wide range of projects, from commercial software to scientific research. My current roles include software developer, build and versioning manager, and platform stability analyst. Please browse through my website to learn more about me. Thanks for visiting!

What I do in a nutshell

A science like no other.

I describe Computer Science as the science of abstraction. My role as a computer scientists is to take concrete objects or real-world events and synthesize them to their most essential attributes, and then to reconstruct these objects or events abstractly or conceptually in a virtual environment for manipulation.

I help complete tasks

I write computer code called algorithms that the computer executes to do a series of calculations. The computer processes this code to complete a task and depending on what type of task it is, it is my job to use the most effective and efficient code for that task.

I am constantly learning

The best thing about what I do is that I am constantly learning new things. To produce effective computer code, I try to fully understand the topic I am coding for. Exchanging knowledge with clients or with peers broadens my perspective and knowledge.

My Philosophies on Web Development

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An important goal that we have at jsantos.net web solutions is to use our creative talents and produce visually appealing designs. We strive artistically to emulate the look and feel of a client or product, leaving a lasting, positive impression to attract and retain a visitor's attention.

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To give you the advantage, jsantos.net web solutions will help develop your web identity to separate your business and product apart from the competition. With 18 years of advertising and product branding experience, jsantos.net web solutions will help you achieve a dominant presence online.

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Using the resources that fit your business needs can greatly enhance your effectiveness in acquiring customers. By integrating web commerce, social networking and Search Engine Optimization, jsantos.net web solutions has the industry knowledge that makes a difference.

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Dynamic Marketing

By integrating dynamic marketing programs into your website, jsantos.net web solutions can turn your website into an effective tool for collecting data, building email lists, instantly creating email campaigns for promotions, tracking customer interests and setting your business's goal toward a target.

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To accommodate your business's growing needs, we offer support for maintaining your website by updating content and making sure your products and services are current. We believe that loyalty to our customers is important and we make the effort to develop a long-lasting relationship through great customer service.

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Here at jsantos.net web solutions, we incorporate the principles of universal design accessibility and design for people with physical, visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities. This means everyone has equal access to perceive, understand, engage, navigate and interact with all elements of our digital products.